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Fake Smile

Monday, 5 March 2012 | 22:30 | 0 comments
ASSALAMMUALAIKUM AND HELLO to my readers today i would like to tell and share to you, you,you all about myself!okay now lets make an essay..haha okay first of all my real name is khhairunnisa balqis binti suhairi but you can call me NYSA yeahh i'm sweet fifteen this year and skol at SMKPerimbun.this i will seat for PMR yeahh its scared me!ok my hibby is...surfing internet,blogging,singing n dancing my ambition is..hermm i also not sure what i want to be.one thing you should know tht is i really like K-POP.i also can sing korean song,i'm great rite?haha okey we stop here for today,i will share it to you if i have a new story !BUBYE..